Indian Oil launches cleaner XtraGreen diesel

XtraGreen Diesel has a higher Cetane number compared to regular diesel.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) has launched a cleaner diesel with a higher Cetane number called 'XtraGreen'. It will be available at 126 fuel stations across 63 cities in India.

XtraGreen diesel comes with a modified Diesel Multi-Functional Additive (DMFA) that is said to have various benefits. According to IOCL, XtraGreen diesel offers 5-6% improvement in fuel economy over regular diesel. Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced to 130 gm/litre, while Carbon Monoxide emissions are cut down by 5.29%. The company also claims a 4.99% reduction in NOx emissions.

The Cetane number of XtraGreen diesel has increased by 5 points compared to regular diesel. A higher Cetane value is said to improve lubricity, reduce engine noise and offer excellent corrosion protection.

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