Ineffective air conditioning on my 10 day old VW Taigun 1.0 TSI MT

I know for a fact that the AC in a Volkswagen 2.0 car isn't THAT great.

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The A/C of my Taigun Highline 1.0 MT (Just 10 days old) with blower speed of 4 and temperature set to 19 degrees, isn't cooling at all. Outside temperature is 41 degrees, and it has literally made me and my dad sweat during our1.5 hour drive in Delhi traffic and around 25 kms.

First service is scheduled for tomorrow, any possible problems you guys can think of ? I mean, I definitely think there's something. I know for a fact that the AC in a Volkswagen 2.0 car isn't THAT great. Can anyone help me with this? Just 10 days, and my dad regrets getting this.

Here's what BHPian dhananjay33 had to say on the matter:

We have now completed 4.5K on a Topline 1.0 MT including several inter-city trips and a bit of city travel as well in Bangalore/Chennai. A few observations:

  • FE in the city with AC (even in Bangalore) is VERY poor. Often around 6-7 kmpl in city traffic.
  • FE on highway drives has been excellent. We have got 18-19 kmpl on multiple Bangalore-Chennai-Bangalore trips even with AC on throughout.
  • AC behaves a little strangely, alternating between very cold and blowing lukewarm air at high pressure. Haven't been able to get it right ever on Auto mode. Works well at the lowest temperature setting and moderate blowing, even in Bangalore. It's irritating as you have to change AC settings multiple times, even during short trips.
  • Driveability on the highway has made intercity travel an enjoyable experience. Very nice and smooth to overtake on 2/3 gear even inside the city. Very comfortable experience both as a driver and a passenger.
  • Missing some side sensors/cameras for parking in the city.
  • The car is a bit of magnet for dust/leaves as others have pointed out and needs to be covered or cleaned frequently.
  • Wireless charging is hopeless. Carry a cable if you want your phone charged.
  • CarPlay gets annoying when you have two phones in the car. Never easy to switch between phones as it keeps trying to load the new phone without ever getting there.
  • Volkswagen app store is a mystery. Don't know how to use it even after trying and seems like a wasted effort.
  • Needed slightly large holders between the front seats as it can't accommodate most bottles during a journey which is irritating.

Here's what BHPian prabhu7944 had to say on the matter:

AC is definitely avg. Sun films should definitely help atleast the windshield ones and blinds for the windows.Earlier I used to set the AC at 16 or 17 now am ok with around 22. Avg AC is one reason why am trying to delay leather seat covers. First service seems to be more for courtesy than anything else. Are there any creaking noises from doors and while applying brakes? However please write to VW about your honest feedback. For sure they need to listen to users and not experts.

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