Initial ownership review: 5th gen Honda City V CVT

Took test drives of the manual and automatic, but coming from a Dzire AMT, I felt much at home with the automatic and found the CVT much more smoother and brilliant.

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Disclaimer: I am fairly new to team-bhp. Hoping that this small review will help others decide on buying the Honda City 5th generation.

In this post I will share my decision process, buying, delivery and initial ownership experience of Honda City 5th generation V CVT (Radiant Red).

Deciding on the Honda City V CVT:

I owned a Suzuki Dzire VX AMT 2018 model with the company lease plan. The company lease plan is for 44 months and at the end of it, we have option to either buy it or sell it off. If I buy, I become the second owner of my own car and miss out on fuel allowance. Hence a wise decision was to sell my Dzire and go for a new car. I was a little troubled due to the low ground clearance of the Dzire as it caused scraping when fully loaded many times. However, I did enjoy the lower seating position. Hence I was confused whether to go for a sedan or a compact SUV. I took test drive of the Tata Nexon and had almost finalized on the same. However I must say my experience with the showroom i.e. KHT Motors Whitefield wasn’t very good.

But one fine evening while taking a walk in the apartment, I came across a Honda WRV. I thought it will be worth checking it out. Hence visited Whitefield Honda the very next day. The WRV as such did not impress me much, but when I looked at the 5th Generation City, I was delighted and started researching on the same. Found the car to be really awesome. Took test drives of the manual and automatic, but coming from a Dzire AMT, I felt much at home with the automatic and found the CVT much more smoother and brilliant. Now was the question of low GC as even during test drive I scrapped a hump created due to some digging. This was my mistake though that I did not see it coming, maybe because I did not adjust the driver’s seat to my preference and must have missed it. However at the end I decided that low GC cannot be the deal breaker with such an excellent car. Hence decided to ignore the same.

Next question was which variant to choose. VX was available much earlier than V, but did not want to extend my budget. So even though I liked the VX primarily for the side airbags, I decided to stick to the V CVT.

Buying experience with Whitefield Honda:

I had called up Honda customer care to inquire about when I can come visit so that I can test drive as well. So I received a call from this sales guy Mr. Praveen. I went to the showroom in the evening and was really pleased with not only the car, but also the showroom experience. I was taken care of well, and all the details regarding the car were convincingly answered. Within few days I made my decision and went to the showroom to book the car. The booking process also went well, and was told around 45 days to 60 days for the V CVT. I booked the V CVT in Radiant Red on 1st of January 2022 because I preferred a 2022 manufactured vehicle. The vehicle arrived at the showroom on 16th February and I took delivery of the vehicle on 22nd of February. I feel it took longer than what I was expecting. The delivery went very smooth though wherein the documentation was done swiftly and Mr. Praveen explained all the details of the car to me.

Initial ownership experience with the car:

What I liked:

  • Excellent driver's seat.
  • Rich interiors with lot of pockets to keep stuff. Really found the placeholder to keep the phone and pocket on right side of the driver to keep the parking tickets very helpful.
  • The infotainment System is good if not the best.
  • NVH is so much less when I compare with Dzire.
  • Radiant Red colour looks really sporty. However this depends on individual choice. The reason I went for red is as it was my son’s choice and I don’t regret it. It looks
  • As mentioned earlier, the CVT is really smooth and enjoyable as compared to the AMT in my Dzire.
  • Engine is very powerful and fun to drive.
  • The front doors are really heavy and there is a good “Thud” sound on closing the doors.
  • The Honda connect app is a nice feature wherein I can get all the information about fuel, trips, lock status etc., sitting at home.
  • Steering is very responsive and with easy I am able to maneuver the comparatively tight parking space in my apartment with ease.
  • Last but not least, the car is a looker. I see a lot of turning heads.

What could have been better:

  • Curtain airbags in V as well as I am not as such fond of the sunroof, and if by paying little more airbags would have offered in V even as an option, I would have gone for the same. But just could not stretch to VX due to budget.
  • The trunk opener feels very light as compared to for example, the Tata Nexon.
  • The back doors also feel a little lighter.
  • Wheels indeed look small on this big car, but since I will own this also for 44 months due to company lease, I did not go for any replacement.

I would like to end this review saying that I am completely satisfied with this purchase and will recommend this. Since the time I have got the car delivered, I am only finding reasons to take it out.

Here are some pictures:


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