Innova Hycross drive experience with 7 passengers & a loaded boot

The max fuel efficiency the MPV managed on the highway was 21.8 km/l.

BHPian Cresterk recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Went on my first long trip since getting the Hycross. Drove to Trivandrum and back over the weekend.

Even with all 3 rows up, the Hycross still has usable boot space, unlike the competition.

Managed decent mileage on the way to Trivandrum and in the few days I spent roaming around town with 7 passengers. It had dropped to as low as 16 km/l but the entire tank averaged out to 17.8 km/l. The picture was taken just before refilling at Pathanamthitta.

There were massive rains on the way back along with heavy traffic which lead to me driving pretty slow. Climate control was set to 26C and temps had dropped so the AC compressor might have gotten auto-switched off more frequently. All this led to a stupendous 21.8 km/l on the drive back home despite the heavy traffic and bad roads.

The eco score wasn't all that good due to traffic. I think it was just the slow speed and low acceleration that helped. Couldn't even cross 80 km/h that often except on the last stretch. Mostly drove at 45-60 km/h. I think on a good, level highway you could probably eke out even more from this brilliant powertrain if you can resist the urge to blow past all the other cars.

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