Innova Hycross ownership observations: Drive, comfort, quality & more

Fuel efficiency is sensitive to inclines and air-conditioning settings.

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Finally got my Hycross ZX delivered a few weeks back and have covered about 600 km so far. Some observations:

The drive:

  • Extremely smooth and refined machine this
  • Ride quality esp on good roads is exceptional despite the 50 profile tyres. Needs to be treated like a usual monocoque on bad roads
  • Engine noise is negligible when driven with a light foot
  • When in EV mode the car is even quieter (no surprise)
  • AT is very smooth and goes about its business without any fuss
  • While I am yet to cross the 100 mark in the running-in period, the engine feels powerful enough to do 130-140 on the highways without breaking into a sweat
  • Lots of small safety features/ touches provided by Toyota
  • Very easy to drive with a light steering. Doesn't feel vague or slight at any speeds - not an enthusiast's steering but very competent

Fuel efficiency:

  • Have generally driven with a light foot in the city and mostly used cruise control on the highways - have gotten nearly 19+ km/l so far
  • The cruise control allows for periods of coasting which helps with FE
  • Cruise control on highways in eco mode and city mode (not eco) in the city traffic seems to be the key to good FE
  • Have seen that the FE is sensitive to inclines and air-conditioning settings

Sunroof, Ottoman, AC etc:

  • While I am not a fan of the sunroof, the kids have totally loved it. We've had some nice weather of late with cloudy weather and rain and the sunroof enhances the drive experience for the second and third row in particular
  • Ottoman seats are a huge hit with kids who can stretch their legs while reading a book (or get some gadget time) or sleep in comfort. They are good for smaller size adults too. While I was initially sceptical of the need, the Ottomans have elevated the second-row experience to business-class
  • The dual zone AC is a chiller and the ventilated seats are decent (not chilling but effective enough)
  • The seat material is decent and the chestnut colour doesn't get soiled easily which is a boon for families with kids

Things, not the best:

  • This thing is best driven sedately - which is generally my driving style. Enthusiastic drivers will see slow and noisy progress on the speedometer when driving with a heavy foot A big turning radius means parking in tight spaces isn't the easiest
  • Plastic quality is strictly average but looks well built. Some fit and finish concerns from some earlier production batches seem fully addressed
  • The horn is sedan grade which means no one is going to feel a big van coming their way when they hear it
  • The headlights are average - haven't done a long night drive on unlit highways yet though
  • The only noise at higher speeds is wind noise - which is somewhat prominent given the otherwise quiet environs

Overall this is one great family vehicle - refinement, comfort, space, driving ease, future-proof engine tech, features, sunroof, fuel efficiency, reliability, resale value, service experience - all bases covered. And at a reasonably acceptable price. Looking forward to munching miles with it

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