Installed the DDPAI Z40 dual channel dashcam on my 2022 Audi A4

The whole contraption made my wallet lighter by 12.3k including the 128 GB Samsung SD card.

BHPian JoshMachine recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

DDPAI Z40 Dual Channel dashcam

Finally, took the plunge and brought this nice dashcam over the weekend. Its been only couple of days yet, so my observations will evolve over a period of time as usage and exploration increases.

Very sleek and compact packaging:

I bought the GPS version, there's one available without it also. Although from what I have seen so far, it doesn't look like a real-time tracker (like GMaps) but just a logger. Not sure if there is a feature to turn on tracking as well.

The packaging contents:-

Among other things, during the initial research, I came across this important feature in the Z40. I would think its very important to have this capacitor given the high temp prevalent everywhere in our country:

The form factor is quite compact and unobtrusive for both front and rear cameras:-

The talking point of the camera, the high quality SONY sensor:-

As per DDPAI, the sensor with the 1944P resolution + 5 MP front camera delivers clearer and sharper images. On basis of Sony IMX 335 sensor, video quality is significantly enhanced, even in low-light conditions, with little-to-no over-exposure across the image. "Discover a world rich in detail with high resolution and sharp out-lines", is the USP.

Well, not getting completely enamored by this euphemism, but I found the image and video quality quite good.

Coincidentally, the first pic that I clicked via the dashcam was that of a A4 . Debadged fully, as it shows.

This picture taken at 12.45 pm, reflects the harshness of the overhead sun light, but otherwise looks decent. Unedited image, uploaded here without any filter:-

Here's another pic taken this morning, showing the impressive wide (almost 140 degree) angle view:-

Now, here's another pic of the same scene albeit with a fancy but interesting set of parameters. DDPAI calls this "Sense Reality 2.0" or SR for short:-

It shows altitude + time traversed since start + GPS location + current speed (either km/h or miles/h) + gyro reading and G-sensor reading.
Quite the list, I must say!

Apart from providing the laundry list, the SR pic somewhat crops up the image at corners rendering a better frame visually.

Now coming to the videos, here are a couple of them, shot at night.

And here's the same video with the fancy SR feature activated.

The mobile app, is decent in terms of the UI/UX layout + response time.

Shows the connectivity (green tick mark) to the cams:

Have stuck to the default settings, mostly. Microphone recording, have kept off.

The app allows for full control and preview of the camera (both front & rear). Has the option to share pics and video to social media (the usual contenders) directly from the app. Insta lovers will like it.

Well, that's the initial preview for now. Will try & upload more videos.

Continuing with the earlier post, now with some installation pictures and sample videos.

Actually, the installation process was a breeze. Took just 15 mins to stick the front and rear cameras + use the trim tool to insert the wire properly along the sides. No wire splicing, no cutting anywhere.

As mentioned earlier, the dashcam form factor is very good/compact. The front camera (somewhat like a squarish block in shape) fits in nicely just behind the rear-view mirror:-

As seen from outside, it blends in well and doesn't protrude or bulge out:-

And the rear camera is even smaller. Its shape is cylindrical and again nicely fits in the allotted space:-

When I look in the rear-view mirror, this is how it appears at the back. Hardly any obstruction of the view behind:-

And if I turn around and have a look:-

As seen from behind/outside the car:-

The only electrical contact of the dashcam with the car, is via this 12v socket, making it easy to hide and tuck away the unnecessary wiring. Literally plug n play:-

Manage to capture some videos also for reference.

First-up, here's one from the rear cam during daytime. Recorded during mid-day, colors and details captured decently.

Next, this is a video from the rear cam during night. Quite adequate to make out what's happening behind:-

And, a sample video from the front cam during daytime. Quite a wide angle (approx 140 deg, as per OEM) and sufficient clarity, I would think:-

The whole contraption made my wallet lighter by 12.3k including the 128 GB Samsung SD card. Bought it from Nexdigitron's official store at Hinjewadi Wakad road, Pune at this place.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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