Installed few upgrades on my Hyundai Creta 1.4 turbo petrol DCT

I really enjoy my car and I have tried to improve it as per my taste, so I thought I'll share my experience.

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I own a Hyundai Creta SXO turbo petrol DCT. Even though I have some complaints, specially about the build quality (let's hope Hyundai starts taking India seriously, as their international models have good NCAP scores) anyways.

I really enjoy my car and I have tried to improve it as per my taste, so I thought I'll share my experience. Before I come to the final icing on the cake which is the excessive bounciness, let me share some changes that I've made to my car:

  • I got my car Carpro finest reserve ceramic coating (let's not get into the ppf vs ceramic coating debate).
  • I found that the stock JK tyres were just not good enough, so after testing the Yokohama tyres (which were quite good). I decided to go with Michelin Primacy 4 ST, which are amazing. They have almost zero road noise, better grip and even absorb small minor thuds.
  • I wanted wireless Carplay so I got the Carplay2air dongle, and it has been working perfectly fine.
  • As I got a black car, I noticed that the car was getting too hot, so I got the windows and sunroof covered with Garware Icecool shield 70 film and the windshield covered with 3M CR70 film. Heat rejection is amazing, the AC cools much faster plus the Garware film has a green tint which on my black Creta just looks amazing.
  • I won't say that I'm an audiophile, but I use studio monitors as my desktop speakers and Yamaha home theatre as TV sound system. So I found the Bose music system a bit lacking initially, but after some research I got the car proper 3 layer audio damping of CTK black series. I'm loving the music quality now, and the noise isolation has also greatly improved. I even got the floor and subwoofer unit damped.
  • Finally, I really enjoy the soft cushiony ride of the Creta, but at the same time the excessive bounciness and body roll was really pissing me off. I mailed Bilstein about suspension upgrades, but they don't have anything for the Creta. I mailed Hyundai if they could stiffen the rear suspension a bit, I knew it'll compromise the soft cushiony ride but atleast it'll get rid of the excessive bounciness. The kind you get if you're on a broken road or crossing multiple speed breakers stacked together or on state highways which have a lot of undulations, I simply hated it.

After having lost all hope, I decided to try Rogerab (which from their advertising I thought was a scam initially).

Boy was I surprised, without compromising the soft cushiony ride it got rid of the excessive bounciness. It's only been a week, but I'm loving it. I don't know how it'll perform in the long run but if the 2 years warranty is accurate, I believe it's totally worth it.

On a side note. The WD 40 trick really works for all the creaks in the center console. Just Google it.

I hope my experience proves to be useful for some.

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