Installed MOMO Hyperstar Evo alloys on my 11-year-old Honda City

When the car was restored at the 10th year mark, changing of alloys was also part of the list of things to do, went through a host of alloy options, but none of them were particularly enticing.

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Passion for a car is like a burning love affair on wheels. It's a deep and intense connection that transcends the mechanical and becomes emotional. The car isn't just a machine; it's a reflection of one's personality, style, and aspirations. Every detail, from the engine's purr to the feel of the steering wheel, is a source of joy and excitement. It's the thrill of the open road, the pride of ownership, and the countless hours spent customizing and caring for it. This passion drives enthusiasts to learn about every aspect of their car and share stories with fellow enthusiasts. It's a profound and enduring love that can't be easily explained to those who haven't experienced it.

The 11th anniversary is a milestone in any relationship. Having this milestone for your car makes it even more special. It is a time to celebrate the love and commitment that has been shared for over a decade. It is also a time to reflect on all the good drives you have had in the past decade.

The car is still in excellent condition except for two issues. Cruise control wasn't engaging and the clutch seemed to have got hard.

The last two services on the car were carried outside HASS which were more than satisfactory. Thought of giving the car for a quick overall check at HASS as 11th-year completion was around the corner. General check was quoted at about 900 Rs and labour another 600 Rs. Went for the offer package of 3000 Rs which included

  • Complete car diagnosis check.
  • Engine Oil Check
  • Oil Filter check
  • Clutch Check.
  • Washing and cleaning.

The results of the Diagnosis were positive, the car is mechanically sorted with no major signs of alarm. The clutch is in good condition and could last for at least another 10K kms. No slippage in gears was noticed. Bushing was replaced to get the cruise control problem resolved.

Got the car delivered on the same day and took it straight to Diwan Autocare for balancing and alignment which was just a few minutes from the Service Centre.

This was my first visit to Diwan Autocare and was pleasantly surprised to find them being one of the authorized dealers for MOMO alloys.
One particular design that caught our attention was MOMO Hyperstar Evo.

When the car was restored at the 10th year mark, changing alloys was also part of the list of things to do, went through a host of alloy options, but none of them were particularly enticing.

Criteria were clear, it had to be MOMO Alloys and the size shall be stock 15". I contacted Sai Mag Wheels(Delhi) and Bombay Tyres (Mumbai) about availability and different options. The only options available in the 15" size was Massimo Concave and Screamjet Evo Concave. Was particularly interested in Massimo Matt black alloys, but those were out of stock. The idea of changing the alloys was deferred to a later date when the right option was available. Waited for the right option and design.

Thoughts of changing the alloy wheels which were put to rest one year back started ringing in our minds again.

Enquired about the price and available offers. Checked the availability of the same alloys at Sai mag wheels, they only had 16" and above in stock for Hyperstar Evo.

As my wife was also along with me, she could see the excitement and thrill in my eyes which were reminiscent of a 5-year-old wanting his favorite toy in a Fair.

Wasn't difficult to convince her that it would be a wonderful gesture to change the alloys and give the car a brand new look on its 11th Anniversary.

She smirked at me and agreed to go ahead. We were there to get wheel alignment done and now we are buying a new set of Alloys for the car.

Discussed the details with the owner Mr. Yagnesh and finalized the Deal.

Car was taken up the Ramp to get the alloys changed.

Stock Honda Alloys

Checking the gap between the wheel's center bore and the vehicle hub. Installed Hub centric ring to align the center of tyre and wheel assembly.

Getting the Tyres swapped from Honda Alloys to MOMO Alloys

Doesn't it look Beautiful?

Car Ready for Delivery after Balancing and Alignment

A few more pics up close of the Alloys

Changing your car's alloy wheels is a rewarding process that can breathe new life into your vehicle.

The car looks Fabulous in the new alloys, no amount of gazing is able to satisfy my urge to keep staring at the car.

There is marked improvement in handling and vibrations have minimized. Unsure whether this is due to the changed alloys or if its my mind playing tricks on me.

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