Installed rear wiper & auto dimming mirror in my preowned Swift VXi

I managed to download the International Swift service manual and used that as an reference to understand how the rear wiper was wired in the ZXi:

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July-August 2021.

Adding a rear wiper:

During a road trip to Murudeshwar, it was raining heavily. My car being the VXi variant, Rear wiper was never present. The first generation Swift got the rear wiper only the ZXi variant which was top of the line Initially I thought I wouldn't be requiring it, but during this road trip, I actually felt the need for a rear wiper as I could see nothing in my IRVM.

So I started scouting and doing my homework on how I could fit a rear wiper on the Swift. I also learnt that I would need to change my rear glass to the one which comes in the ZXi with the wiper hole and the defogger elements. I called up MASS and asked how much it would cost for the glass change inclusive of labour, they quoted Rs. 5000.Upon that I would have needed to buy the following things:

  • Rear wiper motor
  • Floor wiring
  • Rear end door wire harness
  • Wiper arm
  • Wiper blade
  • Rubber grommets
  • Washer reservoir
  • Washer pump
  • Plumbing
  • Rear wiper switch
  • New HMSL with washer option

The estimate for the above items crossed Rs. 10,000 along with the glass change and so upon discussion with dad, it was abandoned for the mean time.

The next week I swung by the scrap yard to search for few parts for the Swift and I was shocked to see a whole ZXi rear door with all the parts in it in the scrapyard. The rear end door was in great shape with no dents and a clean rear glass with the whole wiper assembly and another bonus , an Electromagnetic Tailgate Opener:

Immediately called up dad and we decided to pick it up ASAP. Negotiations happened and we picked it up for dirt cheap price the same day. Now since the boot door which we found was not the same colour as my Swift, a R\repaint was needed. Called up my painter and asked him to get the paint ready.

Now, I had to check the panel gaps and see if it was within the tolerance levels, so I removed my boot door and placed the ZXi boot and checked the fitment. It was perfect !

I removed the wiper assembly and handed the door over to my painter in my village. In about a week he was done painting and pinged me saying its done. The paint job was done nicely with almost nil orange peel and the paint matching was very accurate:

So now I start my homework to understand how the rear wiper works in the ZXi variant. I managed to download the International Swift service manual and used that as an reference to understand how it was wired in the ZXi:

I even opened up the rear wiper motor to see how it functions and cleaned its internals, replaced carbon brushes and lubricated them well.

Since this was a major mod involving wiring around the BCM, Dad suggested taking it to an auto electrician and get it done, I agreed. Started scouting around for knowledgeable auto electricians and none of them were ready to do it since the BCM was involved. Meanwhile my close buddy and BHPian ChiranjitP sourced a rear wiper switch and sent it over to me. At last, I managed to convince an auto electrician who was near my college to get it done. He also repairs ECM's so that was what convinced me he can do it. I printed all the diagrams required and showed it to him. He told me to get the car next day morning 9 AM. I went home and installed the new boot door and kept it all ready.

Skipped a day of college and the work was started, He mentioned it was easier to remove the dashboard and work with the wiring because the BCM is not easily accessible. So they started removing the dashboard and in an hour and started the wiring. we tried wiring the rear wiper as per the diagrams but later found out my BCM doesn't have that circuit in it as the international Swift got a rear wiper Intermittent function too but Indian variants never got it. The electrician then didn't want to abandon the project so tapped power from an empty relay socket in the BCM. We replaced the washer reservoir tank and installed a washer pump for the rear washer. Passed the wiring though the firewall grommet and did it successfully. It worked perfectly. The work was completed by evening and it looked superb.

Some photos of the project:

Adding an Auto Dimming IRVM:

My Generation Swift VXi/LXi did not even get a manual Day/Night IRVM. So I started scouting Boodmo for the IRVM, while I was at it I immediately noticed an Honda IRVM which is listed for ₹422 and I saw a connector coming from the IRVM. Did a few searches on the internet and found out it's an Auto dimming IRVM and few people had installed it on their Honda vehicles. It got me thinking, If it's done on their vehicles why would it not be possible on mine ? and so the homework started.

I learnt that that the IRVM is mounted on the windshield using a mount. Now since my car got a roof mounted IRVM it had no mount on the windshield. Now the basics were learnt so I immediately called up my close buddy ChiranjitP and told him about my findings and asked if he would want to do it too along with me. He immediately agreed and so we both placed orders on Boodmo and it arrived within 5 days at my place.

I rushed to Honda Service Center and managed to get two mounts ,one for me and other for Chiranjit. Decided that Araldite Standard Epoxy was the best glue to stick the mount to the windshield and procured it from my hardware store:

Measured and stuck the mount with the glue and let it cure for about a day.

Used a fuse tap and did the wiring at home and mounted the IRVM on the windshield firmly, Tightened the torx screw at the bottom.

Photos of final results:


Ashton Castelino.

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