Installing touring accessories on my Triumph Street Twin

I have ensured that there is a good amount of gap between my Street Twin Gold Line Edition's upswept exhausts & the saddlebags.

BHPian GreaseMonkey recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally got around to mount the luggage accessories as follows:

  • Top Rack with a baseplate (ZANA)
  • Saddle stays (Motone UK - Ordered from Motousher)
  • Saddlebag (Trip Machine)
  • Tank pouch (Trip Machine)

Top Rack & Saddle Stays Mounting

Saddlebag Mount - As per Trip Machine’s installation video

Was not too happy with the exposed straps on the seat & also thought that it would bother the pillion (in my case would be the Mrs!).

So decided to explore available options and use the rack & saddle stays to their maximum potential.

Saddlebag Mount - Optimised

The final result.

Yet to come... Leather grips (waiting for the rains to finally get over)

Now that the accessories are mounted, need to check how they fare on the rides.

As of now, have ensured that there is a sizeable gap between the upswept exhausts and saddlebags. The saddle stays are ensuring that there will be no risk of the saddlebags coming in contact with the tyre while riding.

Continue reading GreaseMonkey’s post and BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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