Installing a TPMS on my 7-year-old Renault Duster for just Rs 6400

The SUV has already done 90,000 km over the 7 years of ownership.

BHPian kanchudeep recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Have been interested in installing a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in my Renault Duster for quite some while. Was contemplating it very seriously as a mid-life upgrade of my vehicle (completed 7 years recently & nearing 90,000 km) and came to know of a very good deal.

I had already been researching the system by TREEL (owned by JK Tyres) and as per the above thread was getting very good rates from a dealer as part of a limited-time offer (valid till 03 Dec 2022).

As per the offer, the rates were:

  • Set of 04 sensors: ₹2,550/-
  • Set of 05 sensors: ₹3,150/-
  • External display unit: ₹2,300/-

The post-deal rates by the dealer are:

  • Set of 04 sensors: ₹2,950/-
  • Set of 05 sensors: ₹3,659/-
  • External display unit: ₹2,300/-

The dealer is based out of Sonipat, Haryana.

A set of 04 sensors are sold at ₹5,599/- by TREEL on their website & at ₹4,999/- by them on Amazon.

You can actually use the sensors (04 or 05) even without the external display unit on a smartphone - in fact even with the Display one needs to pair it with the smartphone first. It is just that I prefer an independent system.

The sensors have a claimed battery life of 07 years (batteries are not user replaceable), with a 5-year replacement under warranty and the system has very good reviews as per my research. This is one thread on the TREEL system.

I will not thus go into more details about the system but rather add information relevant to others interested or what I have not come across about the System.

I placed the order on 30 Nov 2022 for a total of ₹5,450/-. The package with items was received on 03 Dec 2022 via DTDC. All items were in their original packing with seals intact.

Received items:

1 sensor was manufactured on 30th June 2021, 3 of them were manufactured on 27th November 2021 & the final one had a manufactured date of 20 December 2021. The display is of 30 March 2022 manufacture.

Marked each sensor with tyre code: FL, FR, RL, RF and S, using a permanent marker for later identification.

The sensors are designed to be used with the ‘SmartTyre Car & Bike app’ (Android App / iOS App) by TREEL. One needs to create a user account to use the app and give basic information about the vehicle.

After opening all items, paired the sensors with the app, by scanning the QR code and adding as per the planned position.

App's main screen after initial pairing - only temperature being displayed.

Post pairing the sensors with the App I received an e-mail from TREEL with a product kit code with the Tag ID of the sensors and Display.

The sensor data displayed by the App takes some time to update the information, so one needs to be a little patient in the beginning. I suspect the sensors transmit at intervals as also on sensing motion to maximise battery life. The App allows checking the battery level of each sensor which was all showing 100% even though some sensors have completed more than 01 year from manufacture.

Next, synced the Display using the app by scanning the QR code, after which the Display gets info uploaded from the App of the sensors, user/vehicle info and configuration (minimum/maximum pressure, temperature, display ON time etc). Was also prompted for the firmware update of the Display and it was done without any issues (to version R3.1 dated 07 Nov 2022). This was a pleasant surprise that the firmware will easily receive updates.

The next day, headed to a local tyre shop to get the fitment of sensors and also wheel balancing. Installing sensors on 05 tyres and wheel balancing for 04 tyres (less the spare and including the cost of balancing weights) came to a total of ₹960/-. There was no issue in fitting the sensor even on the spare wheel rim (non-alloy).

Sensor installed on the wheel rim:

The valve of TREEL system on the wheel:

App's main screen displaying sensor data:

Fitted the Display to the right of the steering wheel column console. The Unit comes with a strip of 3M double-side tape on the front half of the bottom. For a better fit, added a strip on the rear half too. The placement was based on easy access to the three buttons on the Display’s right side with enough space on left for connecting the charging cable if so required anytime. The Display does not stay switched ON all the time. What I have observed so far is that once the vehicle starts after some time (I think triggered by the motion of the sensors which then transmit to the Display), the Display switches on and shows the status. Of course, one can manually switch ON using the buttons to check at any time.

Display fitment:

Overall for a total cost of ~ ₹6,400/-, I feel it is a worthy upgrade.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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