Interceptor 650 owner couldn't resist checking out the Himalayan 450

When we suggested him the Scrambler 400X, he said that there is no Triumph showroom in his town and that he would settle for the Bajaj Dominar 400, if not this.

BHPian surjaonwheelz recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I couldn't resist to check it out after a Sunday ride. This bike (platform) has huge potential. Imagine a Sherpa 650 platform!

First, to address the elephant in the room, the bike is heavy! To lift it off the side stand it makes its presence felt immediately. It's a perfect example of always turn the handle to the rightmost and then lift the bike off the side stand. With a full tank of fuel how it feels needs to be seen.

Coming to the side stand which is a cast unit is inclined a bit too much. Leaving the bike needs some assurance and if you forget to put the side stand down then it's beyond the point of no return. Gravity will show its presence felt! In addition, in a muddy/wet scenario, you might slip off the rubber footpegs while climbing on the bike or getting off it due to the incline/slope. One has to remove the rubber inserts for better grip.

Now coming to the foot pegs, I didn't feel any obstruction as I must be used to keeping my feet ahead of the pegs courtesy of my Interceptor 650. This is someone else in the showroom.

The exhaust note is sweet.

Electronics and switchgear felt nice. I'm a bit skeptical about the joystick and in future, we might have to change the entire LHS switch cube for only the joystick malfunction!

The screen is super, nothing like it in the market as of now. I don't know how it showed the manufacturing date when I was playing with the switchgear!

With inspiration from sukiwa, I opened the seats and saw the internals and could spot the ABS unit, Fuse box, Relays and OBD-II port but couldn't locate the ECU.

Some details captured, most of them are already shown. I'm no metallurgy expert, you get what you see.

Star of the show, Sherpa 450

Rear shock on the 3rd setting

The frame

As of now, test rides are not offered. I'll check it again but as @nasirkaka said Himmy is purposeful and driven by the mind whereas the Twin 650 are driven by the heart.

Interestingly, met a guy at the showroom who had booked the bike in Dehradun. He had many questions regarding RE and the weight of the bike, well fellow bhpian Ricci and I tried to answer all his queries. When we suggested him the Scrambler 400X he said that sadly no Triumph showroom in his town and that he would settle for the Dominar 400 if not this. Himmy gives a proper big bike feel though! Interesting times ahead of RE, let's see how they spawn this platform but first deliver the bikes!

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