Jaguar Land Rover EVs to be based on Chery platforms

JLR will use the Exeed M3X and E0X architectures for its future PHEVs and BEVs.

Future PHEVs and EVs from Jaguar Land Rover be based on platforms from the Chinese car brand, Chery. The cars will use modular platforms developed by Exeed, which is a subsidiary of Chery.

Yin Tongyao, Chairman of Chery, has said that JLR will adopt the Chinese manufacturer’s platforms for its upcoming plug-in hybrid and electric models. More specifically, JLR will use the Exeed M3X and E0X architectures that underpin models like the Chery Tiggo 9, Luxeed 7, Luxeed R7 and Exeed RX; among others.

The M3X platform supports both ICE and plug-in hybrid powertrains. It also forms the basis for Chery’s ‘Super Hybrid’ powertrain, which features a petrol engine paired with two electric motors.

Chery and Huawei partnered to develop the E0X platform. Designed for EVs, it supports an 800V high-voltage architecture. Models like the Exlantix ES, Exlantix ET, Luxeed S7 and Luxeed R7 are based on this platform.

Source: Car News China

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