Jaguar-Land Rover showcases a healthier seat

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Jaguar Land Rover has demonstrated a morphing seat that tricks the brain to believe that we are walking, even when seated.

Developed by the carmaker's Body Interiors Research division, the seat makes use of a series of actuators in the seat foam to create micro adjustments. These can be tweaked as per the requirements of each passenger. The company aims to mitigate the health risks of sitting down for too long using this technology.

It is reported that over 1.4 billion people worldwide are leading increased sedentary lifestyles, which is said to shorten muscles in the legs, hips and gluteals causing back pain. The average UK driver covers 234 km every week driving a car. The new seat simulates the rhythm of walking - a movement known as pelvic oscillation to reduced the discomfort of sitting for too long in one place.

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