Jeep Compass diesel AT: 7 observations after a 2000 km roadtrip

The overall mileage figures seen on MID is 14.5 kmpl.

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I want to share my experience of a about 2K Kms drive from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar primarily on NH 16. With a deviation towards Jeypore (Odisha) and Chitrakoot (Chattisgarh). Details on the route are in the Route queries thread.

  • Vehicle stability - The highways are in a great shape throughout, maybe with a few KMs of not so great road but nowhere did we experience anything that would considerably slow the progress. My Jeep Compass Diesel Auto (2022) showed a lot of character and capability, be it straight line speeds, taking high speed corners (it's not a corner carver), handling the few potholes that comes once in a while, braking - very sure footed. Once experienced a 'prancing goat' right in the middle of the road when it decided to break into a move while I was doing 90-100 Kmph and had to break hard, only thing that troubled us was the water spilling from my daughters cup, Jeep maintained it's line.
  • Mileage - while the NH75 and NH16 are straight highways, but driving on NH26, NH326 and NH 63 encountered, undivided 2L roads, ghats for about 30-40 kms, twisted slow roads. The overall mileage figures seen on MID is 14.5 KMPL, but I filled about 145 litres of diesel with about quarter tank still available, the maths is slightly different. Need to figure out!
  • Driving fatigue - Drive was divided into 3 legs - Leg 1 ~650 Kms, Leg 2 ~550Kms and Leg 3 ~550 Kms. Both the man and machine didn't feel stretched. Planning to do a 800Km stretch in the return leg. Only grouse though, I wish for better thigh support.
  • Air-conditioning - Powerful and comfortable, will be driving back through AP in Feb mid, this is going to test the AC capability.
  • Lights - The lights are good enough to light up the highway quite adequately to see any kind of obstacles. But the one thing that caused inconvenience was, due to a 4 am start, encountered dense fog at around 5.45 am, and the white beam and white fog light basically caused a whitewash effect. I had to stop for some time, not sure if a yellow fog lamp would have helped.
  • NVH - The cabin is not exactly silent if there is no music on, there is generous amount of engine noise that intrudes the cabin but what bothers is the tyres making noise at high speeds, ICE does a decent job to conceal any noise though. I wish the tyre noise to have been less.
  • Miscellaneous - Rear seat was comfortable as per feedback from the better-half. However coming from the ample real estate of XUV 500, space felt cramped even though comfortable.

Car-play was very consistent and no surprises here. We could use the Google Nav, Amazon music throughout - Thanks for mobile networks in India as well.

Very satisfying driving experience, hope to have more fulfiling experience in the return leg.

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