Jeep Compass ownership update: SUV goes in for its 1st service

I barely manage a fuel efficiency of 6-7 for the 50-odd km commute.

BHPian yashg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It's been 6 months since I got the Compass. After the trip to Ajanta-Ellora in December, had one trip to Dahanu for a weekend getaway. It has only been office drives and burning petrol stuck in traffic.

Took it for the first six months / 5000 km service to the Andheri SC of Landmark Jeep. Not much to do except routine checks, software updates and wheel alignment and balancing. There was some rattling noise coming from the rear which I asked the SA to check and fix. He later called me saying it was coming from the sunroof and will take a day to fix. Had left the car at SC on a Saturday, and collected it on Monday. SA showed me a video of a loose nut which was causing some movement and noise. It was tightened. The rattling issue is now fixed. Total expense was 2213 for WA+WB. Uneventful routine service experience. Nothing to complain about.

I noticed some BYDs in the service centre. SA mentioned Landmark has acquired a BYD dealership. For now, they are servicing them from the Jeep SC, they will eventually move them to a dedicated centre once volume increases.

The car has been running smoothly. Other than the rattling there was no other complaint from the car. The fuel economy has been abysmal though. Mumbai traffic is getting worse day by day. The commute that used to take 50 minutes pre-covid now routinely takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. I barely manage FE of 6-7 for the 50-odd km commute which sometimes takes 3.3 hours total!

I have been part of the Jeep owner's groups. They routinely organise trails. Haven't been able to join any yet for one reason or the other. Just last Saturday the group went to Shivar motocross. Hope to join one of the trails in the coming months.

So far, so good.

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