Jeep Meridian: 10 observations after 1000 km of ownership

Ingress/Egress for the front row is a bit tough for large people especially.

BHPian shansense recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

About 6000 km done in 5 months. Here's my experience:

  • An excellent ride above 50+ kmph. No fatigue at all, it's super smooth, really really love it. NVH at this speed is nearly absent. Potholes literally don't matter, can fully ignore them. Wonderful. Great handling, feels really sturdy. However in city rides, it's a bit of a bummer. Don't really like the gear shifts, it isn't as smooth in acceleration as some other vehicles in the stop-and-go city traffic.
  • Fully loaded, the ground clearance is a bit less. This is a disappointment too. For a vehicle which is supposed to be driven everywhere, bumping on tall speed bumps or on offroad worthy paths, not good. If you are not fully loaded, it's fine.
  • Accessories are still a bit hard to get. Got the cross bars, very expensive.
  • Ingress/Egress for the front row is a bit tough for large people especially.
  • The USB socket in the back is a bit flimsy. For a vehicle built so well, that's a disappointment.
  • When it's a light drizzle, automatic wipers are a bit lazy to start (on low setting) or too aggressive (on the high setting). Could have been a bit better. Also, why doesn't the sunroof close automatically when the car detects rain? (Apparently no other car has this either?)
  • Features provided are good and quite useful. Some tips: Pull down from the top of the screen and move the 360 camera icon to the top bar. This makes is a '1-click' 360 camera feature right on the screen while driving. Incredibly useful in navigating tight galis. Don't bother with in-built maps, I use Carplay (iOS).
  • Some minor enhancements would have been appreciated, e.g chiller, front row passenger seat flap has mirror but no light, USB sockets for the very last row, etc.

Other stuff:

  • AC works best when kept at 20 or below
  • DEF was filled from a Shell pump (and perhaps others keep it too)
  • Air pressure: The recommended pressure of 37/34 is ideal only if the vehicle is fully loaded. If you are not fully loaded it will be very bumpy. Best to keep the pressure low if you are not fully loaded.

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