Kia Carens 1.5L Petrol NA Premium MT Review: 50k kms done in 2 years

Having two Pajeros and a Linea T-jet 125S in garage, first choice of my mother and wife was Carens only. Family needs comfort and driving pleasure is not a criterion.

BHPian century recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I have a 1.5L Petrol NA Premium MT (Base model) for about 2 years and has done 50K recently.

For anyone reading this, if you like driving pleasure this is not the engine for you. You will feel that the car has no power on mountainous region. For effective driving, you have to drive one gear down. Overtaking is lethargic but man oh man if you are into relaxed driving or being chauffeur around, this is a people mover you need in your life.

Having two Pajeros and a Linea T-jet 125S in the garage but first choice of my mother and wife was of the Carens only. Family needs comfort and driving pleasure is not a criterion.

Ideal driving conditions can fetch more than 20kmpl mileage (only highways) which is very good for car this size.

As you can see in photo, cruise control is fitted aftermarket.

Other aftermarket work that I have done in my Carens:

a) Base model does not come with infotainment system. So purchased Sony XAV-AX7000 with Sony XS-162ES. Good sound fidelity and wired android auto/ Apple carplay. Purchased from distributor (not local) and fitted locally.

b) Electrically adjustable and retractable rear view mirrors. Purchased from local Kia dealer. Mirrors come with black outer cover, so have to paint white to match higher-end models. Paint was done locally but now turned somewhat yellowish. Manual adjusters were removed but the holes left are not easy on the eyes. These mirrors were purchased locally, fitted in Delhi (250kms far from the city).

c) Bucket seats fitted locally. Touch-feel is good but color did not come as shown in the catalogue, did not want dealer to bear the burnt so gave him go ahead. Also velcro from the side got off. Not much irritating, so left it be.

d) Damping in all 5 doors. Done locally.

e) Cruise control and steering rack buttons were purchased locally from Kia dealer, fitted in Delhi.

f) Leather cover on steering wheel which turns out to be PU. As stiching quality available locally was not satisfactory to my liking, I had gone to Delhi with my own black Italian leather (I am into photo album, etc. business) to wrap on the steering wheel but it came short on the size required. So had to use the next available choice given by the fitter. Fitment was good. Touch was good but faux leather does not age beautifully.

g) Original headlights were inadequate as said by fellow member Sudeep. Purchased Blaupunkt LED bulbs. Great throw. Very happy with it. Purchased and fitted locally. Don't recall the model.

As one full day and more than 500kms drive required, OVRMs, cruise control, steering rack buttons, faux leather steering wheel cover were done in one go.

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