Kia Seltos clutch & brake overhaul at 60,000 km

It has been only a few km since the parts have been replaced but I can feel a big difference while driving the car.

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Clutch and Brakes Overhaul

I had been experiencing clutch chattering at times. During the last two services, the service advisor had confirmed that the clutch would need replacement but I should use it some more. During the last trip, I felt the clutch slipping at times and decided to replace it.

During long, high-speed runs, I noticed that the brakes vibrated under hard braking because of disc warping. While the braking was still very good, the vibration was irritating. So I decided to replace the front discs as well. The pads had a lot of life left but had to replace them as well.

All that ended up costing a neat sum of Rs 56,876 - the highest I have spent on the Coyote so far. That's almost Re.1/km on brakes and clutch.

That's 50k worth of parts and 7k worth of labor costs

I called up my SA Prashanth at Epitome KIA and asked him for an inventory check of the parts. He confirmed the next day that they have stock but suggested I give the car on May 2 so it doesn't get held due to the holidays. Booked an appointment for May 2 including a pick up and drop. The logistics were smooth and they sent the drivers only when I was available at home. I got regular updates and photos from Prashanth. He also got the evaporator coil cleaned to address the recurring musty smell that I get. The car was ready by the 3rd evening but I asked them to send it on the 4th.

At the time of pick-up

The old parts packed in the boxes, placed in the boot and returned to me

Clutch plate

Pressure plate

Release bearing


Front disc

Brake pads had a lot of life left

Looking at the condition of the discs, pads and flywheel, I could have opted to skim the former and not replace the latter. But they would need attention at a later point. With this replacement, the brakes and clutch shouldn't need any attention for another 50-60k km.

I had been driving regularly and got used to the heavy pedal, the stiff gear lever and jerky shifts. I have driven only a few kms post the replacement but the difference is stark - the pedal is super light now, shifts are seamless and the reverse gear falls into place smoothly.

Kia spares are expensive - 15.5k for the flywheel, 8k for the release bearing and 9.5k for the clutch kit. Add labor and one ends up spending ~45k on the overhaul. If one replaces the clutch set 3 times in the car's lifetime, they could pay equal money upfront ~1.4L to upgrade to the TC AT variant.

PS: I would have spent less than 7k (labor cost in the above KIA bill) on the full clutch overhaul of my WagonR. It is running on OE clutch till date.

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