Kia Seltos GTX+: How I improved the audio quality of the JBL system

Sound quality - This was a huge step down from the Safari. The audio quality was not at all up to the mark for me.

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Hello all,

My Seltos GTX+ 7DCT was bought in October 2023. Though I have not used the car a lot, I have some thoughts, which I think sharing here will help others.

  • Ride quality - this has always been a sore point for the Seltos. However, I think that this version has this shortcoming sorted - I have not felt that the ride was bad by any means. I felt it to be a bit better than my previous car (Safari XZA+ 2021) at low speeds. The damping felt more comfortable.
  • Size - My opinion is that this is the best size for a car. It can handle city streets and does not feel small on highways. The Safari felt huge in the city.
  • Rattle sound - Not sure if this is a common problem. I have heard rattling sounds from the roof of the car very often. Once I hear it, I can't unhear it. After a lot of investigation, I narrowed down the cause to rattly plastic covering on the roof rails. I have taped them all up.
  • Sound quality - This was a huge step down from the Safari. The audio quality was not at all up to the mark for me. Every time I listen to a track, I feel so sad about the sound system.

How I improved audio quality

I wanted to improve the audio quality so much, but I did not want to tamper with the speakers and end up with a void warranty, etc. I did a lot of research (technically, googling) with no real outcomes.Then I remembered reading a post by GTO saying that one could get better audio by using equalizers. So did I. Follow the below steps.

  • Messed up with the equalizer in the HU (Had done this on the day of delivery) which is just 3 bands. Bass and trebles were set to +7 and mid at +2. This has a bit of an impact on audio, but don't expect much.
  • Enter the idea. I tweaked the equalizer setting on my phone (Galaxy S23 Ultra) in the settings option to a custom EQ. One thing I noticed was that if I changed even one bad to the + side, the audio felt too compressed and atrocious. Instead, I reduced the mids and kept the bass and trebles at 0 to get a "u" shaped EQ.

  • The problem is that this setting is global and would apply to the audio output on the phone (BT speakers, TWS, etc.) where you don't need it.
  • Solved problem by adding a routine to automate the use of this EQ. You may see the screenshot below.

  • I think I enjoy the audio better now. The only downside is that in the HU, I have to keep a higher volume level. This is expected since I pulled down some frequencies in the EQ. Note - I prefer the pleasing sound signature of JBL and hence prefer a "u" shaped sound signature. Hence did the same. You may have a different preference.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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