Kia Seltos owner upgrades to a Jeep Meridian: 11 likes & 6 dislikes

City mileage is at a shocking 5.5 km/l - Hoping this goes up to at least 7 or 8!

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Update after 1 week and 250 km with the Meridian:


  • Love the vehicle feel as soon as we sit inside; brings on a huge smile!
  • Lovely cruiser and suits my style of driving
  • Wonderful suspension just gobbles up the bad roads - so so different from our Seltos
  • Enjoyable music experience
  • Love the wireless car play; such a boon and no wires lying outside unnecessarily!
  • Love that sun/ moon roof - our first car with such a set up!
  • Wonderful seats & ventilated seats work well too
  • A/C has been superb so far for the middle and rear seats too (of course outside temperatures in Bengaluru haven't gone above 25 degrees so far & our A/C is set at 22 degrees, auto mode)
  • Not had any trouble with overtakes in the limited driving so far
  • Easy to manoeuvre in city and ability to take U-turns considering it is such a big car!
  • Like the usefulness of nifty features such as lights in the glovebox, light in the door illuminating contents placed in the bottle holder space, lumbar support for the front seats, 360 camera (extremely useful to navigate small roads with cars parked on both sides!), auto dimming IVRM & side steps helping with ingress

Things which could have been better:

  • Indication on mirror to know whether the indicator is on or not!
  • Not having an inbuilt sunshade (similar to my Seltos) in such an expensive car is certainly a big miss! We do have the magnetic shades but need to take it off every time we don't need it.
  • Accelerator pedal could have been a little less stiff! Or it could be the angle and I am getting used to it slowly.
  • Slightly heavy steering (compared to seltos; again may take getting used to with time).
  • Sliding middle seat would have been a good addition to use - especially with ingress for older people in the family
  • City mileage is at a shocking 5.5 km/l - Hoping this goes up to at least 7 or 8!

Overall we are very happy with the car and loving every bit of it! Unfortunately we could not take her out for a long drive due to a sudden family commitment. Look to do that soon!

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