Kia Sonet IMT ownership review after 5,500 km: 7 Pros & 7 Cons

Minor speed breakers where I saw some Nexons and other vehicles going at 40 kmph, in my Sonet, it was felt in the cabin.

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So the first 1000 km/1 month service was done at my home and was uneventful.

Now my 6 month/5k kms service was due. Booked a pickup and drop service today....

The car is running fine, completed 2250 kms in 6 months of purchase. ...I am now consistently getting city mileage of around 9.5 kmpl.

I completed my first long highway run in the last week of December 23. Covered 2100 kms to and fro from Bengaluru to Mumbai, taking my total running in my 10 months of ownership now to 5500 kms. My observations so far:


  • The IMT was pretty convenient and helped avoid left leg fatigue. The absence of a clutch, plus control over quick gear shifts was a blessing.
  • Mileage was 17 kmpl in Petrol. Measured by Tank to Tank method and was not too far off from the MID.
  • Cruise Control was a boon in my drive. Mostly on my way back from Hubbali to Tumkur, was on CC and let the car take care of the rest.
  • Steering is smooth at lower speeds and firm at higher speeds, no issues there
  • The LED headlights seem adequate and bright enough. However, still miss my old Rapid's stock halogens with Philips Extreme Power.
  • AC was pretty good, partly due to the climate, and was kept at a comfortable 25 constantly.
  • The boot had enough space for 3 cabin suitcases, a backpack, and a couple of duffel bags. So this exceeded my expectations.


  • The suspension is bumpy and not as smooth over rough roads. Minor speed breakers where I saw some Nexons and other vehicles going at 40 kmph, in my Sonet, it was felt in the cabin. Feedback from my mom is that bumps are felt more prominently in the back seat compared to the front.
  • Didn't take it beyond 120 due to the constant alarm beeps, hence couldn't test the stability at high speeds.
  • The sunroof seems to be an unnecessary feature, couldn't find any practical use case where it could be opened. Did see some morons on the way who had opened their sunroofs and were standing out. Said a silent prayer for them and moved on.
  • Minor rattles are being seen, primarily due to the collapsible sun shade on the rear windows which has plastic clips. Sometimes also due to seatbelts not clipped in their idle holders.
  • There is a prominent lag felt in the 1st gear. When moving from a standstill or accelerating till the turbo kicks in and the gear changes, the progress is lethargic.
  • Lower Gearshifts are not as smooth as I would have liked, especially from 1st to 2nd and to 3rd, which are a bit clunky. The 4th to 5th to 6th seem ok.
  • Beige cloth seat covers are a dirt and stain magnet, it's a bit difficult to maintain for a neatness freak and there is a felt need to have these cleaned every 6-9 months.

Overall, it was a pleasant drive and I am enjoying my experience with the Sonet.

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