Kochi cops use social media to increase awareness


The Kochi City Police have started using social media to increase awareness among motorists in Kochi.

On August 4, 2018, the Facebook page of the Kochi City Police added a gif file showing a scooterist riding without a helmet. A stationary helmet was positioned in the centre of the screen. Users were asked to pause the video and take a screenshot when the helmet met the rider's head. The post was created to act as a reminder to all two-wheeler riders to wear a helmet while riding.

With such posts on social media, the city police are aiming to directly interact with the public and are targeting the tech-savvy urban audience. According to a media report, they have appointed a special team to handle the social media strategy. The DCP is also said to be overseeing the strategy. Members of the cyber cell are also involved and are working alongside the police. The team includes public relation officers from every police station in the city. The efforts are coordinated with the help of a WhatsApp group.

The Kochi City Police page on Facebook has more than 14,000 followers.

Source: TOI

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