Lamborghini Huracan officially sold out; brand posts record Q1 sales

The Urus SUV was their most popular model, registering 1,599 units

Lamborghini has announced that the Huracan has officially been sold out. The Italian supercar brand stated that they have received enough orders to keep the production line occupied until the arrival of the Huracan's successor, expected in late-2024.

The car brand also reported that they have registered their best sales ever in the first quarter of 2023. Lamborghini delivered 2,623 vehicles in Q1 of 2023, surpassing last year's Q1 numbers by 84 cars. The Urus SUV was their most popular model, registering 1,599 units.

In terms of revenue, Lamborghini registered a 22.8% growth with 728 million euros. Reports also state that the brand's operating income reached an all-time high, surging to 260 million euros in the first three months of 2023, resulting in a 35.7% profit.

Lamborghini introduced the Revuelto earlier this year, marking the start of its hybridized model range. The Lamborghini Revuelto is the successor to the Aventador and comes with a newly-developed hybrid V12 engine. The Revuelto is also the first plug-in hybrid supercar from the brand.

Source: Car&Bike

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