Lamborghini implements 4-day work week for production workers

There is also a one-time bonus of US$ 1,146 this month.

Italian supercar brand, Lamborghini, has reached a deal with unions to implement a 4-day work week for its car production workers. As per the agreement, the production workers will get a reduction in working hours while also having their wages increased.

As per reports, the Lamborghini production workers will now work as many as 31 fewer days in year. Workers on a two-shift schedule will work a 5-day week followed by a 4-day week, reducing their annual workdays by 22. Similarly, workers on a three-shift schedule will work a 5-day week, followed by two 4-day weeks, which reduces their annual workday count by 31.

Apart from the reduced work days, the agreement with the unions will see Lamborghini increase the wages for its workers, while the current variable bonuses to be paid to workers will increase by 50%. There is also a one-time bonus of US$ 1,146 this month.

While there are other European companies which have adopted the 4-day work week, the move by Lamborghini is said to be the first of its kind in the European auto industry. FIOM & FIM-CISL released a statement, "Work less and work better, this is the principle that guided this negotiation, and which is part of a comprehensive reasoning."

Source: Road&Track

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