Lewis Hamilton teams-up with Brad Pitt for a new F1 movie

Lewis Hamilton expects it to be the best racing movie that ever existed.

Lewis Hamilton, the 7-time Formula 1 world champion, has set up a new production company called "Dawn Apollo Films", in conjunction with his manager Penni Thow.

The new production company has already announced two projects, both backed by Apple. The first is an untitled F1 movie, while the second is a documentary about Hamilton's F1 career.

While details of the documentary are unclear, production of the F1 movie is scheduled to begin next year. It will have Jerry Bruckheimer as the producer, Joseph Kosinski as the director and Ehren Kruger as the screenwriter - the three of them were the team behind the recent 'Top Gun: Maverick'. Also, the F1 movie will star Brad Pitt in the lead role.

All key members of the upcoming movie, including Brad Pitt and Apple CEO Tim Cook, were present during the recently concluded Austin Grand Prix. The team even hosted a presentation with F1 team bosses and visited each of them individually to get a better sence and discuss their involvement in the project.

Lewis Hamilton stated he has high hopes for the movie, considering the people already involved in the project. The 7-time F1 world champion predicts the upcoming movie will be "the best racing movie that ever existed, both visually as well as being able to pull on the heartstrings of all the fans."


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