Life with a Mahindra XUV 300 W8 (O) Diesel: 30,000 Km update

The average fuel efficiency has gone up to 17.5-18 Km/L on the highways and 16.5 Km/L in the city.

BHPian DuckDoc recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

30,000 km update of my March 2021 XUV 300 W8 Opt MT

This is my update at 30000 kms 16 months post delivery.

This part of the post is an answer to questions raised by my colleagues at the time of buying.

The first one, from a person with Mahindra vehicles on his farm was that the interiors in Mahindra vehicles age fast. I was also worried about the light interiors. The answer is in the picture below with the rear middle seat 3 point seat belt installed 3 months after purchase:

The other was of another colleague who drives a Cysta which was that while he was always impressed with the advertising and image creation of Mahindra, they always failed to deliver.

The short answer to that is that they have more than delivered with the XUV 300.

The stock MRF Ecotred tyres were horrible which I replaced with Conti UC6 and now it is grippy and quiet. The NVH is also probably better because of the damping for the audio upgrade.

I am happy with the touchscreen, its size and functionality.

While my daily drive is only around 13kms, I like to get out on weekends. Being on the wrong side of 55 and having had multiple surgeries on my left knee I have enjoyed using the clutch which I find good therapy.

The ride and handling is superb even with R17 rims. I use 32 psi in the city and 33 for highway driving. This is cold tyre pressure which increases around 2 psi after half an hour of driving.

The only sore point is the lack of feedback in the steering and I use the 'Normal' mode for city driving and 'Sport' on the highways which is artificially weighted.

The other problem I face is with the blindspot created by the A pillar and the ORVM especially at dusk when a man standing still could be missed and one has to be aware of this.

The FE has increased and gives around 17.5-18 kmpl with spirited driving on the highways and around 16.5 kmpl in the city.

I have not upgraded the stock headlights which I have found adequate.

Overall, I am happy with the car with the ride better than when bought.

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