Living with my Virtus GT after upgrading from a Swift: 12 observations

Driving the car on the highways is a pleasure but the AC is okay at best.

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Hi Fellow bhpians,

My Virtus GT Edge Plus completed 1.5 months recently. I have already covered 1400kms and got done with the 1 month/1k kms swagat service as well. For the first 1000kms I followed the engine run-in guidance and kept the speed in check.

Up until now, things have been smooth sailing. I have mostly driven in the city, a couple of day trips and a trip to Madikeri and have enjoyed the drive on highways.

Wanted to share quick notes on my experience so far. Most of the observations that others on the forum have noted are true for me as well.

The Good

  1. Drive is very smooth and to me, the suspension also felt pretty good (coming from Swift)
  2. Braking is pretty good. However, the occasional brake noise is present from day 1.
  3. The engine, the brakes and the overall ride compliance make driving on Highways a pleasure and it feels very confident. (I haven't crossed speed limits mostly. Went above 120 once or twice.)
  4. The cabin noise insulation is pretty good. Music system performance is also decent. It feels a 2-3 level higher than the Maruti system I had gotten used to. We have used music via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay only till date.
  5. Ventilated seats feel really good on hot days and long drives.

The Bad

  1. AC is okay at best. We keep it at 21 with Auto mode and even then during sunny days, the AC makes quite a noise.
  2. Wireless charging is quite bad. It's slow, heats the phone and half the time errors out with "charging suspended" displayed on the car's screen.
  3. The noise from the seat ventilation system is quite high and we have to turn it off after 20-30 mins or so.
  4. My car came with some new software upgrade which has the rear seat belt warnings turned on. So if I keep my laptop bag on the rear seat, the annoying chime warning with flashing icons in the console starts and remains for like 10ish mins.

The Ugly

  1. Already feeling some squeaking noises inside the cabin here & there.
  2. I also hear an occasional hissing (or more like Darth Vader's breathing) noise from below the steering when the AC is turned on. I have observed it mostly during the morning times mostly. I asked the service center folks to check it out during the Swagat service but when they tried and we did a test drive - it didn't happen.
  3. Lastly, from today the wireless Android auto and Apple car play both connections started getting disconnected frequently. I had to go to the Airport and on the way, we had 3-4 disconnects. Never had this for the first 1200-1300 km.

Is there any known fix for the Android Auto/Apple car play disconnection issue?

Has anyone noticed the AC hissing/breathing noise in their cars too?

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