Living with a XUV700 diesel: 2nd service update at 5000 km & 13 months

By the time I was ready to head home, the SUV was demanding attention and turning heads.

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2nd Free Service @ 5210 kms (13 months into ownership)

Delayed by a month, I went to get Icarus's 2nd Free Service done at the local BR Balaji LLP dealership on Thursday, 25th May (exactly 13 months since Icarus came into my life). They had become operational in mid-May and have now started catering to XUV7OO owners. I called up beforehand and booked a slot. Reached the dealership at 10:30 AM.

Jobs I had listed:

  1. 2nd Free Service jobs
  2. Engine oil & oil filter to be changed
  3. Air Filter clean (replace if necessary)
  4. AC Filter clean (replace if necessary)
  5. Brakes, tyres & underbody checks
  6. Rear tail light flaps fittings to be checked, (slight rattles)
  7. Any/all service recalls checked by VIN
  8. AdrenoX software update to the latest version,
  9. TPMS check, (re-learning needed)
  10. DEF levels check & top-up, (if needed)
  11. DPF (soot) levels check
  12. CSC recall check by VIN (if applicable)
  13. Fuel filter drain
  14. Brake fluid & clutch fluid levels check
  15. Battery check
  16. Suspension lower control arm & related bushes replacement (if available)
  17. Washing and interior cleaning.

Dedicated ramp for the XUV7OOs at the BR Balaji ASC.

The CoTek came over and completed the AdrenoX update first. Downloading and updating took nearly 2 hours but the software update to the latest version (10.14.12) was completed and finally, the "Apple CarPlay" widget started showing in the HU, instead of the "Coming Soon" widget.

Update in progress.

They then checked the rear tail light flaps (called water shed flaps) for which I had reported slight rattling sounds and had noticed that they were not fitted flush with the tail lights. The techs discovered that all the locks in these sections were broken - possibly by the lads who did the fitting of the rear sequential indicator-equipped tail lights sent by Mahindra back in December at the Paramount dealership in Jeypore, Odisha. They showed the flaps to me and it was disheartening to see these OEM parts damaged so badly! They didn't have these in stock so placed an order promptly for the same. Till then, I have to make do with the broken flaps.

These tail light flap sections were not fitted flush after the swaps.

Mechanical checks were completed and fresh engine oil was poured into the engine system. Icarus was the first XUV7OO they were servicing so it took a few minutes for them to familiarise themselves with the engine oil inlet and the oil filter area. The air filter was still good to go for possibly another 5,000-6,000 km so they cleaned it thoroughly and put it back, but the AC filter was completely gone and was beyond cleaning. Got it replaced. DEF was at 72% so skipped topping it up for now until it comes down to 50%-ish levels, as was advised by them.

The VIN check showed an EMS (Engine Management System) update pending, so that was completed next. The suspension control arms & their related bushes were not in stock and were promptly ordered. By this time it was nearing 4 PM and I had a prior engagement at 5. Paid the bills and left by 4:30 PM, promising to return on Saturday to get the remaining jobs completed.

Headed back to the dealership on Saturday, 27th May, to get the rest of the jobs completed. Reached there at 11 AM.

The TPMS had stopped showing its readings from the first week of January. The CoTek took Icarus for a 90-minute run outside the dealership but learning failed. Suspecting a busted tyre sensor or two, he requested me to return back another day so that they could do a thorough check of all 5 tyre sensors. It was a Saturday and they were short-staffed, plus there was a power outage that day till evening due to maintenance.

They then took Icarus up on the ramp and got the fuel filter drained. All fluid levels were good to go, as was the battery. The brakes had plenty of life left in them, and the tyre checks and underbody checks sprung up with no surprises. DPF was at 7% so no problems there as well - not surprising because Icarus had demanded a parked Regen 2 days prior to this, on the same day the first half of the servicing was done! Got all the wipers checked as well, and got both the front wipers changed. That was the only job which incurred charges that day.

Then Icarus hit the showers. I pointed out plenty of soiled parts on the driver door panel and the inside of the A & B pillars, which were dealt with quite efficiently by the cleaning team. By the time I was ready to head home, Icarus was demanding attention and turning heads - sparkingly clean and refreshed!

In the end, 3 jobs were left pending:

  1. TPMS complete check.
  2. Rear tail light water shed flaps replacement (order placed).
  3. Front suspension lower control arm & related rear bushes replacement (order placed).

I have become busy with other things so haven't yet got a chance to fix the TPMS system yet. Expect an update on that soon.

Total bills came up to Rs 3,685/- (on the 25th) & Rs 980 (on the 27th), for a sum total of Rs 4,665/-.

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