Luxury car sales figures of 2018

Mercedes-Benz topped the luxury car sales charts in 2018. The carmaker sold a record 15,538 units, registering a growth of 1.4% compared to the previous year. The Long Wheelbase E-Class was the highest selling model in 2018. Models like the C-Class and CLA were among other popular sedans, while the GLC remained the most popular model among SUVs.

According to media reports, BMW sales increased by 13% compared to 2017. The company sold 11,105 units. Audi slipped to third place and registered an 18% decline in sales compared to the previous year. The carmaker sold 6,463 units.

Jaguar Land Rover sold 4,596 units in 2018 and posted a growth of 16.23%. Volvo registered the highest growth among premium brands in India. The Swedish carmaker sold 2,638 units, clocking a growth of 30% compared to the previous year.

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