Mahindra backs out of 'at home service' promise to E2O owners

BHPian abacus is the owner of a Mahindra Reva e2o, which he bought in 2013. At the time of purchase, Mahindra had told him that it would provide 'at home service' for the car. However, within a year of the purchase, the company stopped this service.

Whenever the car has a problem, it has to be taken by the owner to the service centre. The company is not providing a free pick up and drop service like it does for other Mahindra vehicles. There is no roadside assistance provided either.

Additionally, there are very few service centres that are equipped to handle an E2O, which means that the owner has to travel a long distance. Apart from this, he has to spend a long time at the service centre because he needs to get his car's battery charged so that it does not run out of juice on the way back.    

The E2O has a huge price tag and finds few takers. Mahindra should provide as many incentives as it can if it wants to sell the E2O in sizeable numbers. Early adopters, who placed trust in the brand should be provided more than they had originally committed. If Mahindra goes back on its promises, the E2O is going to have a hard time attracting buyers.

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