Mahindra fails to deliver: XUV700 MX yet to receive promised features

The feature is mentioned in the SUV's brochure but hasn't been delivered to customers so far.

BHPian ramki.grandhi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In the last few years, the number of features on cars has increased drastically and has become a selling point for a few. It also became a practice to remove existing features or reshuffle features across variants. And customers are informed in advance so that they can make an informed decision. In some cases, there are some misses. I've waited more than a year before starting this thread, as I want to give enough breathing time to the manufacturer.

But Mahindra went to the next level; they've promised Android Auto to MX variants but still have no signs of delivering this feature to its customers. The best part is, Mahindra still shows Android Auto as a feature in the MX variant in the brochure and website but has not been delivered to any customer so far. And they don't even have any idea when they can deliver this feature to all customers. It is really frustrating to see that they make awesome progress on new car models (Scorpio N or xuv400 etc), but choose to ignore existing customers. We have a WhatsApp group for MX owners, here is what we've tried so far.

  1. Tagged Anand Mahindra and xuv700 handles every time we send a reply to any of their tweets to get some attention. I know it's rookie way, but we tried. We got a standard template response.
  2. Talked to customer care. I feel sorry for the customer care agents as they do not have any useful information. They end up saying "sorry sir!", the whole day.
  3. Bunch of us raised a complaint in the national consumer helpline, in Umang App. Complaints were closed promptly without any response.

I agree, MX offers amazing value for money and runs flawlessly, but waiting for one small feature forever seems wrong.

If the dealer is cheating us, we can seek help from the company. If the company is lethargic and irresponsible, how can we hold them accountable? Almost all auto journalists or influencers are nothing short of paid media and create very long advertisements labelled as honest reviews, they never talk about the sad reality of any manufacturer unless it's a punching bag like the Skoda/VW group.

Here's what BHPian StarVector had to say on the matter:

The last committed date for providing the feature was 31 July 2021 and after that, the response from M&M has been rather poor with no date in sight.

Even I complained on Consumer Forum but the grievance was closed saying that M&M is not responding to reminders(from a GoI department), such a sorry state of affairs. I have been advised to approach Consumer Court for redressal of my grievance.

I fail to understand why M&M is struggling to enable the feature even after 12 months from the start of the car deliveries.

Update: There is complete silence from M&M on the issues being faced by MX owners with no resolution in sight - video link.

Here's what BHPian ph03n!x had to say on the matter:

Oh wow, first the Thar security system fiasco and now this?

M&M needs to streamline their product planning/ execution to support its strong brands by meeting customer expectations that it put in black & white, instead of moving on to the next big thing.

Here's what BHPian ANIKETMH007 had to say on the matter:

I am also adding I have not received the promised second Key for the past 7 months. The "" is non-responsive.

My dealership was cooperative to share constant updates but they are also waiting for the dispatch of my key.

I received delivery of XUV700 MX Petrol in Jun 2022 and there is no update from Customer care for the past 1 month when I am trying to understand what happened to the promised second key.

I prefer driving on interstate highways at night for long road trips, but I am not able to drive at night with a dilemma if a single key fails or is lost at night, I will be stranded on a road trip waiting for RSA or taking the vehicle to workshop where the only remedy most of the time is either break glass or change entire lock set-up.

Considering a single key is taking so many months to deliver if the one was issued at the time of delivery god knows how many months it will take for Mahindra to deliver a new set of keys.

I am constantly trying to reach out to customer care who in November'22 replied they have started dispatch of the second key and I will receive it by end of December 2022, but to date, nothing has happened and when I tried to get back in touch with "" they have not even taken any efforts to respond for my mails since 25th January 2023

I contacted their helpline and the executive mentioned she will raise some queries for the second key. But no response from anyone.

The dealership guys are cooperative throughout but Mahindra's concerned team responsible for key dispatch has not taken any note of my queries.

If a new customer purchases and gets delivery of Scorpio - N with both keys I am not sure what is wrong with customers who are not able to expedite or respond to a customer who received delivery 7 months back and paid the entire amount of car upfront without any diktats.

I also went ahead to purchase genuine Mahindra wheel caps, fog lamps side footsteps, which as expensive from Mahindra's online store considering the company is focused on quality

Japanese companies go to extreme ends regarding customer issues. Considering the lacklustre nature of customer care Mahindra it is disappointing to say that they are building great products but their customer care and not abiding by promised commitments are creating a dent in long-term customer experience.

Attaching snapshot of my MX Petrol with the last customer care response, I received in November'22

Mahindra has not even delivered the second key yet after 7 months of taking delivery. The android update is a distant dream. Customer care is also not responding to multiple emails.

The MX is a good value-for-money variant. Drives great, and my dealership and workshop experience was good. The only thing that is denting my experience is abysmal delays in the dispatch of the second promised key in the past 7 months.

Post contacting the dealership, I came to know that the second key is not yet dispatched by the concerned department of Mahindra.

If this single key malfunctions whether I will need to wait for another year for a replacement key as the single key is taking 7 months to deliver? This keeps me from taking any long road trips.

I am witnessing a few dealerships based in Gurgaon handing over both keys for delivery of Scorpio -N to its owners then what is keeping Mahindra from handover the second promised key to XUV700 owners for the past 7 months?

MX I guess is just an orphan for Mahindra I guess post bumper launch of other models.

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