Mahindra helps replace rusted XUV500 doors

While each door amounted to around Rs 26,000, Mahindra did bear half the cost.

BHPian farhadtarapore recently shared this update.

Mahindra has replaced both the front doors on my XUV500. They bore half the cost! The work done by the workshop is awesome! Happy to see such customer obsession by an Indian auto company.

On 26th September, 2021, BHPian farhadtarapore shared his issue on the forum:

The front doors of my XUV 500 (2015) have rusted considerably.

The service centre says they will replace the doors (costs about Rs. 26,000 per door!)

What can be done to rectify this? I am quite appalled by the paint quality used here. Does this have any impact on the car's safety?

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