Mahindra might drop side-facing rear seat option from Thar

Global NCAP would retest the Thar with side-facing seats, if Mahindra decides to re-introduce them.

According to a media report, Mahindra might drop the side-facing rear seat option from the Thar altogether.

Last month, the new Thar was awarded a 4-star safety rating by Global NCAP. Usually, the base variant is picked for the test, but if safety standards are common, then the top variant is chosen. Also, alloy wheels which are often available on higher trims place a higher load on the firewall than steel wheels.

At the time of the test, the Mahindra Thar was available with side-facing seats. However, according to Alejandro Furas, secretary general of Global NCAP, Mahindra had confirmed that they had decided to pull out the side facing seat option and that it would not be available by the time the results of the test were published.

This explains why the top-end variant was chosen for the crash test. It also sheds light on Mahindra’s plan to discontinue the side-facing rear seat option.

Furas added that if Mahindra reintroduces the side-facing seats, Global NCAP would cancel the 4-star rating and retest the Thar with the side-facing seats.


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