Mahindra Scorpio completes 1 lakh km odo: Comprehensive service & TLC

Celebrated the odometer milestone with with a road trip to Nepal.

BHPian Sheel recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

1,00,000 kilometres done and dusted, the Scorpio went through a comprehensive service & some TLC.

Apart from regular consumables (oil & filter changes), it saw the front propeller shaft being changed (teeth issues), both front shock absorbers & arms being changed, the rear shock absorber bush & bums (yellow rubber stops) being replaced, and the steering rack is replaced. The auto wiper sensor had gone bad (suspect, it was at the time of windshield replacement).

Got the tires changed too.

Celebrated this occasion by driving to Nepal. I didn't realize I was cruising at 110 km/h sometimes, the service & tire (lack of noise) made their presence felt. Roads before Dharan were under construction, so if traffic permits & you are above 80 km/h, you literally don't feel much & fly over road irregularities.

The service cost me ~Rs 60K and tires some Rs 56K.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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