Mahindra Scorpio-N: A Skoda Kushaq owner's perspective

Seats have better cushioning and found them to be much more comfortable than XUV 700.

BHPian varun.petro recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally had a detailed look at Big Daddy and it is indeed the big daddy from looks.

Muscular imposing looks with big tyres and wheel arches. Front is impressive while back invokes no emotion.

Compared both XUV700 and Big Daddy and below are few observations.

  • Scorpio looks much bigger and badass than XUV.
  • Petrol was so silent that I had to ask SA if it was indeed on. Inside the vehicle it was silent with nearly no vibration.
  • Seats have better cushioning and found them to be much more comfortable than XUV. Soft touch points feel premium. 2nd row seats were very comfortable.
  • Seats are commanding and you look down on the world below.
  • Despite lot of screens, I found interiors of Scorpio-N to be much more pleasing and premium.
  • Rear AC vents have powerful throw of air and 3rd row will be easily cooled.
  • 3rd row is same in both, only fit for children.
  • Boot space is same with 3rd row upright.
  • With 3rd row folded, Scorpio-N may have the worst boot space in any vehicle of this category. Plus floor is uneven. This is the biggest pain point and very diffcult to ignore.
  • Rear door pockets have nearly no space on Scorpio N. Keeping 1 litre bottle is not possible. Doors are 1 ft thick, its a wonder why didn't they provide more space.
  • Even front door pockets have poor space. My Kushaq has more space in doors than boot of Scorpio-N (just kidding).
  • Doors close softly without making much sound and feels solid.

The displayed vehicle had sunroof malfunctioning and was getting stuck frequently. Showroom was not taking booking and told to do it online.

Overall if VFM is the criteria, Scorpio N is indeed to big daddy of all. D segment dimension and premium quality at atleast Rs 10 lakh less. I don't think it will have any competition for a long time. Expect waiting times in much excess of XUV within few months.

Only if Mahindra could have just sorted out space better, it would have been perfect.

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