Mahindra Thar's 2nd service at 10,000km: Observations from ground level

The entire service of the SUV was completed in 2.5 hours.

BHPian batish recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Completed the second service today (10k km).

Some observations:

Average DEF usage is about 1 litre for 1000 km, that is what I was told by the service advisor today. He was adamant about 10 litres but I insisted on getting the level checked first and then refilling it. The tank had about 11.79 litres so refilled another 6 litres.

Today I realised, the SOPs mentioned by the company are hardly followed at ground level.

DPF bucket has a nozzle through which they are expected to refill it but nope, they simply open the cover just like a paint bucket and then drop the whole bucket with a jugaad funnel made through a cut plastic bottle. As expected, most went through but some spilt on the body and after a while plastic parts turned white where they fell. Had to waterless wash that entire area.

AFAIK, the coolant for Thar is pink - premixed I don't know why they keep topping it up with water. Amazingly today, the mechanic had a sip from the same bottle from which he topped up coolant.

The most annoying thing was POS terminal was not available. Forcefully, I had to UPI them. If anyone from Mahindra is reading this, please ask your dealers to stop stooping so low when the services those dealers are rendering amount to lakhs every day.

Nobody could answer my query for tow hitch protection as to what exactly that is. One more thing I found was they have removed the provision to add towing - from the chassis itself. Newer models (including mine) don't have it. It's a bummer Mahindra.

On the upside, it took 2.5 hours for the entire service and their app is really nice. Lists out everything, each item, RO number, everything except payment. Tried paying through the app 5 times every time it showed transaction failed just when I clicked on Pay but the app is way better than Hyundai's.

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