Mahindra TUV300 AMT recalled for ECU software update

Thank you to Sharad Tater for sharing the following information.

Mahindra service centres are recalling the TUV300's AMT variants for an ECU update. The recall has been issued after a few customers complained of issues with the engine and transmission which were hampering driveability.

Sharad Tater had to leave his TUV300 AMT with Mahindra for around half a month to fine tune the AMT gearbox. The problems in the car included jerks during gearshifts, slow gear changes, the engine occasionally revving to 4,000 rpm before shifting, a severe delay in the activation of the creep function which would take around 30 seconds to activate after braking, and a sudden drop in engine speed while upshifting from 4th to 5th gear.

Changes to the ECU software seemed to have fixed the issues and it looks like the same software is now being updated in every TUV300 AMT, hence the recall.

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