Mahindra XUV400 EV comes home: 8 observations after a short night drive

The drive quality of the electric SUV is on point - beautifully absorbing broken roads.

BHPian sidoxic recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Happy to report that I have got home the XUV400. The deliveries started yesterday and were happy to prepone on the dealer's request to avoid the Gudi Padwa rush, getting one of the first deliveries as a consequence. Booking, PDI, payment and delivery ceremony - all super smooth with Mahindra and the dealer NBS.

After a long drive through Mumbai traffic and a short spin later at night, some initial observations. Hopefully followed by an ownership review.

  1. It in fact has Android Auto thankfully
  2. ESP and traction control is missing. Was expected to be made available for the final production variant as per reviews from last year.
  3. Air-conditioning is great. Glad to have no compromise here
  4. Fun mode (eco) is really tuned for economy. Will start by default each time. Fast mode (normal) is needed for an EV experience.
  5. L mode (single pedal) helpful in bumper to bumper. It is like switching on auto hold from an automatic gearbox and forcing it on 1st for lots of engine braking. It doesn't prevent roll back though. Hill hold is missed.
  6. Electronic parking brake is not missed as the P gear is a button which does the same job. A manual handbrake is additionally available for parking.
  7. D to R to D will take some getting used to due to the BMWish great selector. Instead of going 2 notches (DNR or RND), it is actually 2 button presses. Maybe it needed a few microseconds to go via N or maybe in doing it wrong. Feels premium but not intuitive as of day 1.
  8. Drive quality is on point - beautifully absorbing broken roads.

Overall ignore the naysayers, this seems like a solid mature product so far, despite the shortcomings in the feature list & aged cabin. Safety, space, performance and drive makes it VFM as a family car. Except for ESP, it has all the essentials.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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