Mahindra XUV700 vs used XUV500 vs used Tata Hexa

I currently own pre-owned Renault Duster 85 PS, which is now doing 40K on the odometer.

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Hello BHPians, I am seeking some help from you all to arrive at proper decision on my next car.


I currently own pre-owned Duster 85PS which is now doing 40K on the odometer. I bought this car in 2018 when it had done just 8500 km. It's a very practical car and I am pretty happy with this. After 3 years of use, now I am thinking of another car.

Reasons for Changing:

  • RxL Explorer edition Duster doesn't have ABS. The stock brakes aren't confidence inspiring and few encounters is now pushing me for change.
  • Recent crash tests show that Duster is not good in terms of safety. I was always under assumption that Duster is well built. To be frank, I never researched about Duster safety article at all. It is only the recent news published in Team-BHP caught my attention.
  • From past one year, I am experiencing left leg pain after drive. Damn! That clutch makes it worse. This is not frequent issue and but it's something which irritates me.


  • I need an occasional seven-seater (last row mainly for kids). We are family of 9. Out of which, 6 are adults and 3 are kids. All 9 people will only be either for day trip or city rounds and hence boot space is not a concern here. For highway, mostly it will be 5 people and hence I can fold the last row seats for boot space.
  • I would like to go for bigger diesel engines and this time preferably automatic.
  • Safer car than my Duster.
  • Compliant ride quality especially when you already owner of Duster.

Shortlists (Open for suggestions)

  1. The new XUV7OO: The lower prices of MX variant has actually caught my attention. What if I get MX variant with seven seater and diesel AT at an affordable price? Isn't it worthy? I am assuming MX seven seater with diesel AT (if offered), it will be priced around 15 lakhs on road which is a good deal.
  2. Used Mahindra XUV5OO diesel AT: Mostly my plan is to pick the models after 2016. I see in Bangalore, the price of used XUV ranges from Rs 12.5-15 lakhs. Recent XUV5OO facelift 2018+ model which has increased power 155PS are also available. I might get used W7/W9 automatic which might again fall at same price mentioned earlier (12-15 lakhs) since these are just 3 year old models. I am already discussing in India garage Bangalore outlets about used XUV5OO cars. Sales team suspect that 65% of new XUV7OO sales will come from exchanging old XUV5OO. It raised my eyebrows and asked team to contact me if they come across good model.
  3. Used TATA Hexa diesel AT: Superior ride quality and perfect diesel AT. I am just keeping this car as second choice purely in terms of looks. I prefer XUV any day than Hexa.

Here's what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

5OO retains its value well in the used car market, good ones won't come cheap. Remaining stock of 5OO were all ATs as of last month, not sure how it is now. I would recommend you wait till October, variant to variant I do not expect 7OO to be cheaper than 5OO but expensive by how much is the question.

More than anything else, a test drive in October should add some additional motivation.

Here's what GTO had to say on the matter:

Don't buy the XUV500 for sure. It's a 10-year old model now and will feel outdated soon, just like your Duster feels today.

My suggestion:

  • New & you have the budget = drive your Duster for another year or two as she is still very young @ 40,000 km, give Mahindra time to iron out all the niggles and then buy the XUV700. It seems to be one heck of an SUV. Read this thread of mine, get the right car (even if more expensive) and enjoy it for 10 years - link to article.
  • Used & you want to save money = Buy a used Tata Hexa AT. The AT is brilliant, while the MT is clunky & cumbersome. You could also do a nice lateral upgrade to a used Hexa AT and keep it just for 2 - 3 years, finally buying a nice new XUV700. But seriously, wait for Mahindra to iron out all the teething issues. Don't take up a job as an unofficial tester for them.

Here's what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

The XUV700 is THE no brainer option in my view. Its latest, you can hold it on for the longest duration. A mid-level variant in Diesel AT is stunning value. You can add a roof carrier as well if it doesn't have a sun roof so you have 3 row seating plus luggage optionality should that be desired in future.

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