Making some changes to my newly purchased Toyota Hilux

It seems like Toyota does not care much about its Bangalore customers as I'm yet to receive the free accessories for my pickup truck.

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Took delivery in Bangalore

My Toyota Hilux High AT silver came home last week and is now getting its mods done for making it an overland rig. Overall a good delivery experience at Nandi Toyota but seems like TKML does not care too much about the Bangalore customers. All the "free" accessories are still not given (bed rack, tailgate things) and many paid accessories are also not yet in stock here.

The stock vehicle

The changes done include:

Replaced stock tyres with BFG AT - same size and tread.

PPF for the front half of the vehicle.

Wrapped with carbon fibre finish on the chrome

Next up are the accessories from Toyota like the wheel arch cladding, door visors, tailgate assist, bed-liner, etc when TKM decides to bless us.

Here's what BHPian corneliu had to say about the matter:

Looks like they are making the bed liner + tailgate assist + rear decal logo combo free in a lot of dealerships now. I got a call from my dealer in Dehradun on the 17th of this month, saying that they would provide these 3 items free of cost; by the 23rd I was informed that they had arrived.

I placed an order on the 23rd for some other fittings as well, and they promised to have them ready for installation by the 1st of June.

The plant just reopened on the 15th of May, so I'm guessing by the 1st week of June, most accessories should be available.

Here's what BHPian PrideRed had to say about the matter:

Congratulations on Hilux. Toyota should consider selling BFG as an official accessory, 90% of the owners have gone with these tires right after delivery. Can you let me know where did you get the chrome wrapped? Is this reversible or are they using glue to stick the wrap?

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