Maruti Baleno: Alpine head-unit & other audio upgrades

Alpine is well known for good sound quality and the interface is user friendly. Capacitive touchscreen is a bonus at this price.

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More Audio Goodies added

Alpine iLX-W650E

I got this HU from Motorogue during price drop for Rs. 24,500. It was a good deal. I also bought after market steering control interface for Alpine from the same seller. The cost was Rs. 3500.

Alpine iLX-W650E

Steering mounted controls adapter

Alpine is well known for good SQ and the interface is user friendly. Capacitive touchscreen is a bonus at this price.

Quick look at specs and features

Head Unit details

I would definitely miss the wireless android auto, but too much to ask for at this price.

I also purchased stereo frame (1k) and Blaupunkt DH05 reverse camera (2.5k) from Motorogue. The package was shipped immediately and delivered in 2 days.

Alpine HU

Steering control interface and Antenna pin

Stereo frame

Blaupunkt DH05 reverse camera

So the parts were ready and I wanted a neat installation. That means a road trip to Kochi and get everything installed at Galaxy

I also decided to get the 3 way front stage done. Galaxy had a set of Morel CCWR254 mid range speakers.

The speakers didn't come with grill and Galaxy did some custom work using some old speaker grills.

Ok, so how to run the 3 way setup ? I do not have DSP and the HU too doesn't support 3 way x-over mode.

We tried running the setup using a generic 3 way passive cross over. I wasn't happy with the outcome as the frequency cut off was not proper. Tweeters and mid range used to play same frequencies. I almost decided to get a DSP, but Muneem had other plans. He put an Audison SR-4 amplifier which has multiple adjustments and the 2 way cross over of Morel Tempo was used for splitting the frequency better tweeter and mid range.

A pillar fabrication with custom pods for new mid range speakers were done. Tweeters were retained at stock position. All parts were installed and I got the car back next day. Good job as always.

Current Setup:

  1. Alpine iLX-W650E Head Unit
  2. Morel Tempo Mid bass and Tweeters
  3. Morel CCWR254 Mid range
  4. Gladen M10 Subwoofer
  5. Pioneer GM-D8704 Amplifier for sub and mid bass
  6. Audison SR-4 Amplifier for Tweeters and Mid range (this is an used amp with only 2 channels working, but serves the purpose)

I have plans to go active in my S-Cross setup and the Elate Titanium 3 way cross-overs would be installed in Baleno.

Few pics of Alpine HU

Reverse camera in action

Good video quality even at night, the dynamic guidelines aren't accurate though.

I am happy with the setup. It's been almost 2 months since the installation. Audison amplifier and Alpine HU did improve the SQ. The bass is really good with Alpine HU. The front stage is also amazing now thanks to 3 way setup.

Love the cabin look

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