Maruti XL6 vs Kia Seltos: The better choice for a family of 5

While the XL6 fits the bill, the switch from Honda to Maruti seems to be a downgrade.

BHPian anurag_khurana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I know that it may not be a correct comparison but I am confused between the two. Actually, we are a family of 5 (papa, myself, wife and 2 kids aged 16 & 10). I have got a driver from my office for daily commutes. Now I have to take a new car and I am shifting from 2011 Honda City.

Though Seltos will do, as my father travels less with us as he is aged 76 and wants to stay at home most of the time, but still sometimes, I think that if we all want to go together then with a driver we are 6 persons in a car. Seltos is also tempting me as an SUV which is the in thing these days.

XL6 fits the requirement of 6 but Maruti interiors are not that plush and switching from Honda to Maruti is also not easy and seems to be a downgrade.

Safety-wise both are 3 stars so even here.

Please guide me, as I am in a dilemma.

Here's what BHPian MANE had to say on the matter:

XL6 fits your bill.

It has oodles of space and is decently equipped as well.

The Seltos is a pseudo SUV with high ground clearance while the XL6 is a people mover like the Innova Crysta, on a budget.

You could also wait for the XUV700 which has plush interiors and looks quite nice.

Here's what BHPian dr_TJ had to say on the matter:

I would suggest the Maruti Suzuki XL6 over the Kia Seltos. There have been a few discussions regarding Kia/Hyundai Brake issues on Creta and Seltos. Also, Global NCAP rating wise, Both Seltos and Ertiga are 3 star rated cars but Ertiga scores better than the Seltos. And XL6 being based on the Ertiga, it will be better or at least equal to the Ertiga in safety ratings.

And for your requirements, XL6 will be an amazing choice for comfort and space.

Here's what BHPian noopster had to say on the matter:

As a Seltos owner myself, I can tell you that you cannot seat 6 adults in this car. Your kids are already 16 and 10 and you can treat them as adults for seating purposes.

However, do compare that with the third row of the XL6 and whether they will be comfortable there.

I've driven a friend's XL6 quite a bit and can tell you that there is a huge difference in look & feel and features, especially when you consider the higher-end variants of the Seltos. Of course you will also pay much more for that, but I can tell you that it will be worthwhile.

In case those features are not what you are looking for, better to stick to the XL6 since it will work out a more sensible choice, is my opinion. You can't really go wrong with a Maruti!

All the best.

Here's what BHPian amit_purohit20 had to say on the matter:

If you do not need the advantage of ground clearance of Seltos and the powerful punch of the Kia motor, it makes a lot of sense to go for the XL6 over Seltos:

  • Lots of space, space does matter.
  • Better comfort during long drives
  • Family goes together.
  • It becomes cumbersome to hire bigger vehicles every time you want to go on a trip.
  • I would even suggest an Ertiga for the bench seat.
  • Overall maintenance cost will be substantially lesser than Seltos.
  • Initial savings will be more which can cover years of fuel and maintenance costs.
  • For a lower cost you get a bigger spacious comfortable vehicle where all can go for a long drive without any fuss.

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