Mercedes-Benz EQG does a 360-degree tank turn

The party trick by Mercedes-Benz on the upcoming EQG will be called 'G-turn'

Mercedes-Benz is working on introducing an all-electric version of its G-Class SUV, the EQG for a while now. The all-electric SUV has been under development and is expected to be unveiled in 2024.

Ahead of its arrival, a short video clip has surfaced which shows a camouflaged EQG doing a 'tank turn' manoeuvre, which allows the car to spin 360-degrees on its own axis. According to reports, the party trick by Mercedes-Benz on the upcoming EQG will be called 'G-turn' and is said to be possible when wheels on one side of the SUV spin in the opposite direction to the wheels on the other side.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG will come with four electric motors (one on each wheel), along with independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle specially developed for electric vehicles. Mercedes is expected to offer the electric SUV with an optional lithium-ion battery pack with silicon anode chemistry, which is said to increase energy density by 20 - 40 per cent, thereby improving the SUV's range by a significant amount.

The Mercedes-Benz EQG, though, isn't the first car to do a tank turn. Rivian had showcased the R1T SUV pulling off the manoeuvre back in 2019. However, the feature is yet to make it to the production version of the electric SUV.

Source: Motor1

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