My Mercedes, My Service-Digitized service program introduced

Mercedes-Benz India has introduced a new service program in India, named 'My Mercedes - My Service'. This new program is aimed at easing the overall service experience of the customers by making the process digitalized. The 'My Mercedes - My Service' program originally debuted in the US, and India is the second market where the German automaker has introduced this after-sales initiative.

It consists of three parts - Digital Service Drive, Premier Express Service and Service Products.

Under the Digital Service Drive, Mercedes-Benz centres across the country would send updates to their customers regarding service status through emails, SMS, and video calls. These updates will include pre-service, in-service, and post-service communications. The service advisors can use video calls to provide an in-workshop view to the customers, and show them how their cars are being treated. It will also offer the customers to book their service slots in real-time.

The Premium Express Service enables customers to get the car serviced in a little over two hours. In order to do so, Mercedes has developed infrastructure like separate bays, two post lift and dedicated tools & equipment. There is also a dedicated team that comprises of one team leader and two designated maintenance technicians. This Premium Express Service is available in all metro cities, but is not applicable for major service and repairs, warranty repairs, and service of AMG vehicles.

Under Service Products, customers can opt for service packages that span for different durations like 3 years/60,000km, 4 years/40,000km, 4 years/80,000km and 5 years/100,000km. This reduces the cost of maintenance of the Mercedes cars. For new car customers, Mercedes is also providing a 10 year/200,000km service package.

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