Mercedes-Benz issues silent recall for 2008-2009 C-Class


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Mercedes-Benz is silently recalling model year 2008-2009 C-Class sedans over a faulty airbag control unit.

According to the company, the airbag control unit may malfunction due to a defect. Owners of the affected cars are being requested to take appointments for replacement of the part. The required work will take approximately 4 hours and will be carried out free of charge.

It is unclear whether the recall pertains to selected models, year of manufacture, or specific vendor related components.

It may be noted that in November 2015, Mercedes-Benz USA had recalled model year 2008-2009 C-Class and model year 2010 GLK-Class vehicles over faulty airbag control units.

The company had stated that the malfunctioning airbag control unit in these vehicles could cause the airbags to unexpectedly deploy. Alternatively, the faulty airbag control unit could cause the airbags to not deploy in the event of a crash. Either way, there was a risk of injuries to the occupants of the vehicles.

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