Mercedes-Benz steps forward to help flood affected cars

The recent torrential rains in Mumbai caused a lot of flooding all over the city. Mercedes-Benz has come forward to help customers whose cars were affected as a result of the water-logging.

The No.1 shows why it's the No.1. Here's what Mercedes is doing for its flood-affected cars in Mumbai - 

  • The company has prepared a cross-functional task force specifically to support flood-affected cars. 
  • No towing charges if car is towed through dealer. This is being done via the network of Allianz Global. Dealers will bear the towing charges, no matter how old your Mercedes is or if it is out of warranty. 
  • Mercedes will procure the required parts from Germany & Singapore by air and won't pass on the extra shipping cost to customers. 
  • Dealers from neighbouring towns & cities have sent some of their technicians to assist Mumbai dealers in servicing the affected vehicles. 
  • Daimler Financial Services India is working on faster processing of insurance formalities of its insured cars. Apparently, a majority of new Mercedes cars are insured by Daimler Financial Services. 
  • Discounts are being extended on some spare parts.
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