Mercedes EQE: Observations from a passenger's perspective

I ride in lots of taxis and many happen to be ICE Mercedes E-Class' aka regular E-Class.

BHPian 14000rpm recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I rode in a EQE taxi in Stockholm earlier this month and walked out with some mixed reactions.

I ride in lots of taxi's and many happen to be ICE Mercedes E Class aka regular E Class. I'm used to a certain choice of materials, styling etc. which are all aimed at being elegant.

With the EQ range, it seems to me that Mercedes is trying hard to impress a new breed of buyers who are somewhere between elegant and quirky and this, to me, is where the brand experience seems to be confusing.

Dashboard is a big visual focal point in any car and the regular E Class has a very good elegant design to it regardless of the trim level. In the EQE, the lower specs don't come with hyperscreen. Although the non-hyperscreen screen is great too, the design around the rest of the dashboard is extremely bland and confusing. It's just a vast empty flat plastic panel. The higher trims get some design elements such as stars, pin stripes etc. but they are expensive options. I didn't like the blandness.

Note: When I say this, I am comparing E Class ICE vs EQE in their taxi formats. The expensive version of the EQE may feel different.

Comfort: Here is where I saw a very big surprise. typically I find the legroom quite lacking in the regular E Class and the feet go digging under the front seat for space. Not so in the EQE. The under thigh support is nice and so is the height of the seat base. I found the EQE far more comfortable than the regular E.

I now start to see more sense in having a separate brand for EV's like Polestar which establish, from the get-go, a certain style and design language and hence the experiences are not marred.

I don't have the money to buy a Merc, but I will be riding in many many more.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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