Mercedes unveils ESF 2019 at Safe Roads Summit

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the ESF 2019 Experimental Safety Vehicle at the second edition of the Safe Roads Summit.

This year, the theme of the summit is 'Automated Driving and Future of Road Safety in India'. The main attraction of the event is the Mercedes-Benz ESF 2019. It is a research vehicle loaded with safety technologies and features. It has coloured lights, projective panels and a warning triangle robot. The car is based on the Mercedes GLE and has a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Other exhibits include a child safety seat that is designed to protect children from injury during collisions, a body in white passenger car highlighting the structural elements of the car that absorb the energy of an impact, safety sensors and restraint system components. Visitors can also try out the Alcohol Goggles, which simulate loss of balance and delayed reactions due to alcohol consumption.

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