MG Hector makes creaking noises while braking & accelerating

It has gone to the service centre 3 times for rectification, but the sound is still present.

BHPian Sm00 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I own an MG Hector petrol hybrid with roughly 6,900 km on the odo, purchased in November 2020.

Whenever the brake or accelerator is pressed, a creaking sound is heard, especially when the car nosedives (during braking) or the nose rises (during acceleration). It doesn't come at standstill, or while going over undulations, or while steering.

It has gone to the service centre 3 times for rectification, but the sound is still present. They say that they have tried everything from cleaning the brakes, to replacing the shock absorbers, retorquing the subframe mounts and greasing the necessary parts. Even the company people are in loop.

I have already faced a couple of problems since purchase, like within the first week, an LED DRL had to be replaced as it was faulty, a rattling noise from the rear had to be fixed, the handbrake cable of the left rear left wheel became loose and was hanging and had to be tightened. On the second day after purchase, it was discovered that the rear exhaust was rusted. This was reported and the service centre sprayed something to make it disappear. Since then, the car has been driven about 6,900 km and till now, the rust hasn't appeared. I can't understand how rust can appear within 1 month while the car was sitting idle at the dealership stockyard, and not appear after being driven for so many kilometres.

The plastics are really very creaky. They have been creaking on their own randomly (the dashboard, gear console, driver handle, sunroof, reading light control panel, etc.) since the very first month.

I don't think that these problems are desired / expected in a new car. I haven't discovered heard of these problems / issues from other MG Hector owners. Please advise as to what should I do as I have had to face so many problems in the vehicle continuously.

Now, I have completely lost trust in the vehicle as well as the brand and want a refund as problems are repeatedly coming up in my vehicle.

Here's what BHPian SS-Traveller had to say on the matter:

This seems to be a case of faulty front struts or strut mounting points. Ask the service centre to replace both struts, and check for cracks or corrosion at the upper mounting points. Fix this and check for noise again.

Here's what BHPian wheelguy had to say on the matter:

Better take it to some FNG or water-wash center with lift and checkout the underbody thoroughly by yourself before going to authorized service center, because the service guys might not easily budge on this point if this is the real cause, if they find it they might secretly repair but won't acknowledge it.

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